• December 22, 2016

Bigg Boss 10,21st December 2016 update: Bani and Gaurav Date


In the previous episode of Big Boss, the contestants had to go through a luxury budget which went very bad for all the contestants. Priyanka and Om Swami became so aggressive in this episode, that they started to harm the other contestants physically and also abused them. Things became worse when Om Swami broke the bathroom door and threatened to destroy Rohan’s face. His stubborn behaviour forced Big Boss to take a serious action on him and they gave him a warning for the last time. Priyanka too behaves very rudely with Mona Lisa. In the end, Big Boss had to finally stop the luxury budget. But these grudges are surely going to crop up in the coming episodes of Big Boss.


In today’s episode starts with the task where Big Boss has instructed the contestants to make pairs among themselves. So all the contestants starts making up couples among themselves and the couples are as follows: Gaurav and Bani J, Rohan and Lopa, Nitibha and Manveer and Mona and Manu pair up. The remaining two contestants Priyanka and Om Swami were make the wardens of the hostel and were told to protect it from the other contestants. While the other contestants had to steal the love letters from the room and do the task written in it. After all the contestants stole the letters successfully they start performing the various tasks as follows. The Big Boss then instructs them all to perform a task which will make their partner happy. So the contestants get excited and start thinking of some unique ideas to make their partners happy. All the male contestants become busy in making some unique things.


Starting with Manveer, and Nitibha, Manveer writes a poem for Nitibha. Looking at the poem Nitibha becomes too excited to read out the poem he wrote. Manveer’s poem goes “Jaat ka Chora aur Gori Madam”. Nitibha becomes shy while reading the poem and gives him cute stares. On the other hand Gaurav and Bani go on a very romantic date in the Big Boss house itself where they are seen chit chatting and laughing with each other over a cup of coffee.

The coming episodes of Big Boss are going to end up into horrible arguments because of the behaviour of Om Swami and Priyanka. But let us hope that the other contestants do not lose their balance and react to Om and Priyanka’s acts of stupidity.



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