• December 21, 2016

Bigg Boss India Season 10 : Rahul Evicted from the house


This weekend Bigg Boss saw its second celebrity contestant to be evicted in the form of Rahul Dev and post his eviction the drama and the spice of the show have been increased. The new week started with a new task being introduced by the Bigg Boss that of UC browser most trending contestants and in a poll Manveer, Rohan and Mona were selected as the most trending contestants. In this task, all the three would be able to see the unseen clips of the house related to them.

Rohan got the full benefit of the task as he was able to hear the motivating words of her co-star Hina Khan when she was invited to the show in “Salman Ki Sabha” in contrary to this Manveer saw the shocking clip of Bani talking to Gaurav and Rahul and telling about how Manveer and Mona are not brother sister and how when there was no one in the bedroom they were getting cozy to each. On seeing the clip Manveer got extremely furious and immediately confronted Bani saying that it is extremely immature of her to think that he can get intimate with Mona if no one is watching. Mona was also sad and furious especially because of Gaurav making such shallow comments on her. Manveer also said that when Bani was hugging Jason and slept beside her, then no one in the house said anything but when it comes to commoners everyone has to pass a comment or raise the question.

Manu also raised the same question that Bani was close to Jason in spite of him being in the house for few days, and she has a problem from Manveer and Mona talking privately though they have been friends for 60days. He too was infuriated from such remarks by Bani and Gaurav. When all this argument was happening another fight, or you can say the argument started between Manu and Om Swami. Om Swami was taking Bani’s side accusing Manu of questioning Bani’s character. Within few minutes everyone in the house is shouting just to prove their point.

Amongst all this Lopa takes the role of settling things and tries to calm Mona, Manu and Manveer saying that she totally agrees with their point and also tells Manu that he should not question Bani’s character as it is not right. To this Manu tells Lopa that Mona is already going through a lot and her personal life is getting too much affected by these incidents and her boyfriend is on the verge of leaving her. Manu has an emotional breakdown and asks Bigg Boss to call him inside; he was so much frustrated of these repeated accusations that he asks big boss that he wants to quit as it is getting too much for him to handle.

Before all this happened earlier in the day, Mona gets the clothes sent by her boyfriend, Vikrant. But these are not the clothes she was thinking for, instead of sending good clothes, Vikrant sent old and worn out clothes which Mona doesn’t even use. When Mona told Manu about this, he tells her that this might be Vikrant’s way of telling her that he is upset with her. Seeing all this Mona gets very much upset and locks herself in the luggage room and cries a lot. And later she also cried in front of the camera saying that she wants to go home as her boyfriend is very much upset with her. The day turns from bad to worse for Mona when she is shown the unseen clip of her boyfriend when he came to the show along with Manu’s fiancé and putting the entire blame on Mona that she is the reason that Mona and Manu are getting so much close and this is getting very much hard for him to digest.

One more thing happened earlier in the day when Gaurav was trying to have a conversation with Bani where he is trying to justify his action in the last week’s nomination task. In response to this, Bani tells Gaurav that he always do things according to his convenience and he is nor able to meet her expectations as a friend. Gaurav in his defence tells Bani that he has already apologised for his mistake and she should let things go. At the same time, Manu was seen talking to Lopa and Rohan about Nitibha is influencing Manveer and not letting him talk or interact with other housemates. Manu also tells them about what he has seen from secret about their strategy to stay in the game. On the other hand, Om and Priyanka are seen bitching about Manveer. Priyanka tells Om Swami that Manveer is the main reason for destroying their image in the house.

As it was the nomination day of the week at the end of the day all the housemates were asked to gather in the living room for the nomination process. In this process Lopa being the captain is safe and Om because of his second immunity is also safe from the nominations. Being the captain Lopa also gets a special responsibility of nominating a contestant directly for eviction. And without any doubt, she chose Bani and told in the reason that she is a hypocrite and because of this kind of behaviour of hers a huge argument happened in the house.

Because of the UC browser task, Gaurav was the main target in house and Mona, Manveer, Manu and Nitibha nominate him. Mona tries to nominate herself, but Bigg Boss did not allow her to do so. Therefore she nominated Gaurav and Priyanka and similarly, when Manu tries to nominate Mona for personal reasons then again Big Boss refuses. After the process is completed, everyone is shocked to hear that only three contestants are nominated Bani, Gaurav and Mona. After the completion of the nomination process Both Bani and Gaurav clarified and apologise to Mona and Manveer and told them it was completely unintentional and they will be careful in future before passing such comments.

In the night Priyanka is seen having a conversation with Bani and Nitibha about the M3 group as they are fondly called. She was telling both of them that when Now Mona knows that her boyfriend is upset with her friendship with Manu, so she should stay away from Manu and Manveer. To this Bani says that she too is in a relationship and knows to draw her boundaries. Whereas the M3 group is seen talking in the bedroom about the events that happened in the day.

The coming day will bring more drama and action which is evident from the promo that a task about letter writing is going to take place tomorrow. It was seen that among all the fun and task Om Swami will turn violent and will get involved in a major fight with Rohan and because of this kind of behaviour he will also be warned by Big Boss. So it will be really interesting to see what happens and who wins the task. So be ready for more action as the competition in the Big Boss house becomes fierce.






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