• December 17, 2016

Bigg Boss 10,15 December 2016 update: Swami trying to gain sympathy and Lopa winning the captaincy


The episode begins with participants waking up to “Bunty Aur Babli” song. The troublemaker, Swami Om, plans to gain sympathy by refusing to eat food unless Priyanka Jagga, his self-proclaimed ‘beti’, feeds him. Swami Om continues with his drama by announcing that he feels extremely weak and will die soon. This causes Priyanka to feel sympathetic towards Swami.
The contestants are unaware of the stash of fruits hidden by Swami from which Swami eats regularly.
Manu warns Swami of the consequences if he does not team up with Rahul as per Bigg Boss’ orders. Still Swami refuses to team up with Rahul.
The ‘Democracy’ task is concluded and the contestants are free from the restrictions now. Since, Rahul and Swami didn’t complete their task, the contestants did not earn any luxury budget points and blame Swami for so. The contestants request Bigg Boss to keep Swami away from luxury budget process and now Swami tries to gain sympathy again by acting sad and depressed. To cheer him up, Manu and Manveer dress like him and act like his ‘chelas’.
Things still haven’t improved between Bani and Gaurav meanwhile. Bani talks to Rohan about how Gaurav broke his promise of protecting her by nominating her, being indifferent towards her and choosing Mona over her. On the other hand, Gaurav talks to Rahul about how he feels that Bani just wants him to blindly follow her.
Gaurav decides to apologize by sticking a piece of paper saying ‘B Star, I am sorry’ on his jacket and walks into the kitchen. Bani remains indifferent while everybody teases Gaurav. In addition to this, Bani says that Gaurav is doing this for cameras.
A task requiring to hold onto ring for a considerable time is introduced in the evening that will decide who gets the captaincy of the house. The contenders are Bani, Manveer and Lopamudra Raut. The trio have fun while getting into the jacuzzi and doing the task. Lopa’s captaincy is opposed by Priyanka and Bani gets into a quarrel with Lopa as she tries to fidget with the ring. Bani gets hurt and loses the task for which she blames Lopa.

The blame game begins by Mona and Manveer blaming Lopa for aggressiveness and hurting Bani. Lopa blames Bani and Manveer. Even Manu feels Bani is to blame for behaving badly with Lopa.
Afterwards, Gaurav and Bani are discussing about the game. Manu breaks down as he misses his mother and Rahul is trying to console him.

The captaincy task continues the whole night between Manu and Lopa. Manu plays fair game by not pulling the ring even when Lopa is asleep. But Lopa snatches the ring when Manu falls asleep. As Lopa is celebrating, everbody is surprised because of the way Lopa won the captaincy.

Manveer complains by calling Lopa immature but Lopa doesn’t care as she finally got the captaincy. Lopa will decide the punishments in the next episode. The preview of next episode also shows contestants getting letters and gifts from family and friends.



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