• December 14, 2016

Bigg Boss 10,11 December 2016 update: The Jacuzzi Drama of Mona and Gaurav


After the interesting weekend ka Waar episode of Big boss, and the interesting things taking place with Om swami and the other contestants, there is one more happy Tuesday in the big boss house. All the contestants wake up to the song “Duniya re Duniya”. In this episode all the contestants were quite surprised to see the closeness between Manveer and Nitibha. As soon as everyone is getting ready, the Big Boss announces a new budget task which was told to have some implications on the captaincy tasks that were to be announced later. Big boss announced a Big Boss Democracy where the contestants had to vote on a voting panel without any previous discussion. In the end, decision will be taken based on Manu’s and Priyanka’s opinion.

After the announcements, the contestants start arguing over the first issue who will cook the food for everyone today. All the contestants are in the favour of Rahul and not Om Swami. The second issue brought up was whether to allow Bani to use the gym or not. Every contestant end up voting against it that is Bani will not be allowed to use the gym. Hearing this she gets totally upsets and walks away angrily. The third situation is given in which the contestants had to choose a pair among Om Swami and Lopa and Mona and Gaurav. All the contestants vote for Gaurav and Mona. For the following days, this air have to now use the Jacuzzi for half an hour every day. As soon as the result is announced, Mona and Gaurav start heading to the bathroom directly.

Mona and Gaurav are then seen discussing about the weird Jacuzzi task. Meanwhile on the other hand, Manu and Priyanka are observed making fun of Mona because she gave her consent to spent time with Gaurav in the Jacuzzi. Mona overhears them and gets angry. Everyone in the house including Nitibha is then found talking about Mona. Observing this, Manu tells Priyanka that the most sorted person in the house is Mona. Due to this statement of Manu, Priyanka feels that Manu is of the same view as Lopa and hence, enters into a big heated argument. After some time, their argument settles. In the night, Manu is seen telling Priyanka that for last many days, there has been a drastic change in Manveer’s behaviour and Bani is all left alone in the Big Boss house.

The next episodes of Big boss are going to be more entertaining with the captaincy tasks and the entertaining Jacuzzi sessions of Mona and Gaurav.





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