• December 12, 2016

Bigg Boss 10,11 December 2016 update: Exit of two members from Bigg Boss house


The weekend episodes of Big Boss have always been fun because Salman Khan brings up all the problems and issues of each contestant and insults them in front of the public. He also orders them to maintain law and order in the house. This weekend too was flooded with many twists and especially the double eviction was the main attraction of the weekend. In the previous episode, Sahil Anand was the one who was evicted. Sahil Anand had entered the competition through the wild card entry and now he has left the house.

In this episode the comedians, Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh visited the Big Boss stage in the kids’ uniform and sing “Mujhe Maaf Karna”. When Salman Khan asks Bharti about her favourite contestant, she replies “Salman Uncle” in a very sweet tone. Salman Khan then played a “thappad game” with Bani, Lopa and Om Swami. He brings up on stage Krushna, Aditi and Sudhesh from the Comedy nights to imitate Bani, Om Swami and Lopa. The three of them mimicked the contestants very well by portraying some of their antics behavioural patterns. In this episode, Salman Khan hosts the Salman Ki Sabha with Hina Khan who is Rohan’s friend and also Nitin and Sheetal who are Bani’s friends. Hina finds Rohan’s performance very impressive because he has made a special place for himself in the big boss house. On the other hand Nitin defends Bani’s weird behaviour in the house. The meeting ends after a big discussion about Bani’s and Rohan’s merits and demerits.


The episode becomes more interesting when the Israeli mentalis Amir Lustig enters the Big Boss stage and performances some awestrucking magics and tricks. All the contestants feel that he is the new wild card entrant in the house, but he still keeps exciting the audience with his tricks and everyone start feeling that he is just person invited for some entertainment. But then in one of his trick leaves all the contestants in a shock. He tells the contestants to pick a card with letters and when all the chosen letters are arranged, it spells PRIYANKA. Salman Khan then announces Priyanka’s eviction. Then Priyanka goes to the secret room to hear what the other contestants think about her. But she sees that most of them are complaining about her. Everyone except Om Swami is happy in the house. Om Swami tells everyone that Priyanka will soon return to the house and show everyone their places

In the coming episodes of Big Boss Manveer and Nitibha will be tried to be linked up together by the others because they can see something going on mutually between them.






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