Bigg Boss 10, 7th December 2016 update: Gaurav made Lopa furious, Priyanka one of the captain nominee


In the most happening reality show on Indian television, every day is full of events, dramas, fights and so on. It looks like episode 52 was no different. The housemates woke up to the tune of the song “Chakke Mein Chakka, ChakkePeGaadi” giving the hint of the task that will be going to take place later in the day. And as we know the task of the day is always full of drama. The task was the continuation from the previous day, starting with Mona complaining about Rohan and Sahil to Priyanka, who plays the role of traffic police, in the task, that both of them have broken a rule by running outside the bedroom after the recommencement of task.

The punishment for this is that Priyanka fines both of them, but Rohan refuses to pay up. Seeing Rohan’s behavior, Priyanka gets so annoyed that she spits on him. This type of behavior was not expected by Priyanka from the housemates, and thus she was reprimanded by Rahul and Lopa and as asked to check herself. This interference doesn’t go down well with Priyanka and she asks Lopa to pay the fine, but to save herself and win the task, Lopa plays her and tells Priyanka that all her points are stolen.

Nitibha, showing her desperation to become the captain uses emotional blackmail to get points from Manveer. And as usual Bani was upset with Gaurav as he refused to pay the amount she asked for and walked away from the conversation when he was explaining himself. Noticing this, Priyanka tries to make matters worse between them and asks Gaurav to pay a fine as he has annoyed her driver. In his defense, and to save his points Gaurav asks Priyanka to call Bani so that they can resolve the matter, to this Priyanka lashes out at him saying that he is not the king of the house and should not play with the emotions of other people. This was different fromBani,who is always seen fighting with other housemates, seeing her emotional condition at that point, she gained sympathy from everyone. Irritated and already annoyed,Bani walks away from the task because of the continuous nagging from Priyanka. Gaurav confesses that he is always at the receiving end, because Bani expects a lot from him and this friendship. Hearing Gaurav’s explanation Mona advises him that he should try and talk to Bani and resolve their issues. But this only made matters worse, because he again refused to give points to Bani. Gaurav was so furious with Bani’s behavior that he gave all his points to her and walked away from the task.

As Lopa was playing her game by hiding her coins, she had an argument over this with Gaurav as he discouraged this move of hers. Bani also received sympathy from Lopa, which was something different to see. The friendship of Gaurav and Bani took an ugly turn when Bani was seen telling Priyanka that she doesn’t care about Gaurav anymore and Gaurav was also seen bitching about Bani with Jason.

Priyanka was not able to digest the fact that Lopa has lost her points and starts interrogating her. Lopa warns Priyanka that if her hidden coins are revealed to other people she would have a tough time in house. Helping Priyanka in her search of Lopa’s coins, he told her the spot where she has hidden them. This move of Gaurav made Lopa furious, and she had a heated argument with him. Later, other housemates like Rahul and Jason also had an argument with Gaurav that he had changed the game altogether as he has given a lot of power to Priyanka. In this turn of events, Lopa tells Rohan that she was hoping to become the captain, but will not be able to, all because of Gaurav. Seeing this Rahul and Rohan came to her rescue and gave Lopa some of their points.

In the end of the day the task ended and the contestants starts counting their points. Between Manveer, Bani and Priyanka, Priyanka was eligible for the captaincy task as she had the most points. And when Big Boss asked other contestants to reveal their points, big boss announced that among Gaurav, Nitibha and Lopa one of them will participate in the captaincy task. After the task everyone in the house is seen gossiping about different people in different corners.

Priyanka, who always boasts that she can win any task, shares her plan with Manveer about what she will do once she becomes the captain. Bani found a new companion in Jason and both of them joked and talked all night about a lot of stuff.

Tomorrow the viewers are in for more action as Gaurav andLopa’s relationship gets worse, because Gaurav was still upset with her, as she questioned his humanity, when he didn’t come forward to see what happened to Manveer when he fell down in the task for captaincy last week. Tomorrow the contestants are also in for a surprise, as they will talk to the media in the activity and face their hard questions. In this event Bani was seen walking out during the press conference due to Lopa’s interference to questions asked to Bani.




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