Bigg Boss 10, 6th December 2016 update: Luxury Budget Task Causes a Lot of Fights; Swami Urinates in the Kitchen Sink


The luxury budget task is growing tougher and tougher with each passing week. Priyanka Jagga has made the task even tougher for the contestants and their dream of completing the task is always left unmet. Priyanka since day 1, has been playing dirty tricks during every task, so why would this week be any different?

 In this week’s “BB Taxi Stand” Luxury budget task, Priyanka was made the sanchalak. In the task Manveer and Bani were asked to wear taxi driver clothes and take the housemates to and fro from the Bigg Boss house. The task asked the drivers to collect money from the housemates, while Priyanka was asked to play the role of a traffic police woman. Each contestant is given 2000 points to spend on taxi fare, fines, and toll. In the task, the taxi and the police have to collect as much as they can, while the contestants have to save the most in order to fight for captaincy. Clubbing the luxury budget task and the captaincy task was surely going to cause a raucous in the house.

 The task began and Lopa and Priyanka get into an ugly fight when Priyanka tries to steal money from Lopa’s pouch. While doing so, Priyanka touches Lopa inappropriately and this further enrages Lopa. Not just Lopa, Jason and Rohan also get into the scuffle with Priyanka. But the ugly game was completely won by Swami Om, when he urinated in the kitchen sink after Manveer and Bani refuse to take him to the washroom for INR 50.

 The task comes to a close and the first leg of the task is completed. The whole task caused a lot of problems and disturbances in the house. Let’s see how the ugly game takes shape tomorrow.



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