Bigg Boss 10, 4th December 2016 update: Ranveer Singh enters the house with Vaani


After the entertaining sessions of Big Boss with Ranveer Singh and Vani Kapoor, the normal routine of Big Boss house is now started again. In the last week, Salman Khan surprised the contestants by introducing the wild card entry using which four contestants Jason Shah, Priyanka Jaggi, Elena Kazan and Sahil Anand entered the contest. However, the dome task introduced put up some contestants- Bani, Rahul, Elena and Jason in danger and were nominated for eviction. All these contestants were made to live in the jail. In the weekend ka Waar of this week, Salman Khan announced the eliminated contestant Elena Kazan’s name. He added that her journey has ended just after a week in the big boss house and that one week too she spent behind the bars. She couldn’t live a good big boss life with the other contestants due to the lack of the audience votes.

But on this, Elena is of the view that this all happened due to old fashioned format of the Big Boss show.  She said that if Big Boss put the new entrants in the jail immediately, how the audience will come to know about them. Elena said that she did not get any chance to make a good impression on the audience. Elena also told that Bani, Gaurav and Priyanka are the strongest contenders of the house. She also complained about the non-cooperative contestants, messy house and the bad food. Elena also took some time complaining about Lopa who never listened to her. Lopa always had the misconception that being the cook of the Big Boss house she did too much of hard work than others. She also said the same thing during when the other contestants were pedalling day and night. Elena showed her disappointment towards Lopa and said that it must be a very hard task to live with such contestants.


When she was asked to comment on Manveer when he fell during the canvas painting task, she said that it was wholly Manveer’s mistake to become so aggressive when Gaurav was playing very calmly. And in all this, Gaurav should not be blamed because he did the right thing there by focusing on his own task. Elena also had a totally different view about Om Swami. She said that Om Swami is very crazy and that is the reason why everyone targets him. Even when he is behaving nicely, the other contestants pull his leg. Om Swami helped me in my work to wash dishes and also co-operated with us in the jail. Jason, Sahil and Elena had a good experience of Swami she said.


With the elimination of Elena, the coming week is surely going to bring some more surprises and spice to the Big Boss house.



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