Bigg Boss 10, 2nd December 2016 update: Battle Turns Ugly, Manveer Gets Hurt


Manveer tells Gaurav that he sees Manu as the captain of the house, but Manu wants to back down. Lopa, Nitbiha, and Priyanka get in their skimpy clothes and get ready to jump in the pool.

Priyanka is called near the pool by the other housemates, however, when she comes near the pool, she gets pushed inside the pool and during the ordeal, she hurts herself. This makes Priyanka snap out at everyone. Priyanka goes to the toilet and begins to weep, she continues to complain about the pain that she is experiencing. Lopa says that this incident has ruined the entire fun, and along with Nitibha tries to apologise to Priyanka, but Priyanka is very irritated and shuns them away.

Seeing this, how could Om Swami stay away? He goes and scolds Nitibha and Lopa for trying to hurt his daughter, Priyanka. Lopa and Nitibha, in turn, start yelling at Swami because he raised his voice. Ironical much? This makes Swami cry, seeing this Sahil and Manveer come to pacify him, and Swami complains that the two girls are trying to hurt Priyanka.

Lopa and Swami get into a very heated argument, Nitibha and Manveer try to be the moderators and try to stop the fight. While Lopa is apologising to Priyanka, Swami asks her to speak in Hindi, which was very funny. However, it didn’t seem funny to Lopa as she throws a roll of tissues at Swami.

Bigg Boss’s gong sounds and he says that in the test tube task, only Gaurav and Manveer are the last competitors. Amidst all this, Lopa and Swami keep on fighting, with Lopa threatening Swami that she could slap him if she wanted to. This angers Swami and he starts yelling at her.

Now, it’s time for the captaincy task. Whoever paints the fastest would win the task. Swami wants Manveer to win, but says that Gaurav will beat him because he has a good heart. What goes on in this guy’s head? But during the task Manveer falls on the floor and hits his head, and his head starts to bleed.

Bigg Boss calls off the task and sends Manveer to the first-aid room. Gaurav continues with his task as if nothing has happened. Bigg Boss asks Lopa to decide who the winner and the new captain will be. Under pressure, Lopa says that she cannot decide as she did not know what the criteria of the task was.

Manveer asks Lopa to announce Gaurav as the winner, Gaurav is congratulated as the new house captain. Manveer and Manu discuss the task and during this, Manu starts crying and says that Manveer competed like a sport even when he got hurt.

Lopa blames Gaurav and calls him a heartless person because when Manveer fell down, he didn’t even stop in order to help Manveer. Lopa says that because of the heartlessness displayed by Gaurav, she is going to nominate him as the villain of the Bigg Boss House.

With so many things and clashes unfolding, be sure to check out the next episode of your favourite show, Bigg Boss.



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