Bigg Boss 10, 30th November 2016 update: The cycling and captaincy task- a big surprise for the members


 The previous episode of big boss gave a big blow to Rohan’s captaincy when all the house members had a complaining tone about all the household work due to the bad planning, delegation and management of the captain. Hence, big boss has taken a big step to permanently fire Rohan Mehra from the position. He will never be allowed to get nominated for the Big Boss house captainship. Today’s episode of Big Boss started with the song “Maine Pedal se Ja Raha Tha”. This song must have totally surprised every Big Boss house member because they did not expected such a weird song as an alarm. Everyone was sure that something dreadful is going to come up to make the day happening. When the contestants start getting ready for the day while waiting for the notice from the Big Boss house. But soon when everyone start to wash their faces, brush teeth, start making breakfast they realise that they is no water in any of the taps, not a single drop of it. The gases too are not working. When everyone is discussing they get their new task. Big Boss introduces the weekly task in which the contestants have to keep pedalling a cycle continuously in order to generate electricity. The four nominated contestants for this task are Gaurav, Bani J, Elena and Kazan.

A number of entertaining conversations then start to take place between the pedalling contestant and the others. Starting with Jason Shah, he tells Bani and Om Swami that he would like it if Mona Lisa starts flirting and hitting on him. He also feels that Mona’s character is such that she must have had a lot of boyfriends in the past. While the contestants are continuously pedalling to keep on the tap and gas running, big boss comes up with a new captaincy task. In this task every contestant will have a test tube which will contain coloured water and some other contestants’ name. The test tube of at least one contestant had to be emptied after the alarm goes. Mona Lisa carries the test tube carrying Gaurav Chopra’s name, Manveer carries Sahil Anand’s test tube, Manu Punjabi carries Nitibha Kaul’s name, Gaurav Chopra has Manu Punjabi’s, Om Swami has Manveer Gurjar’s name, Lopamudra Raut has Mona Lisa’s, Nitibha Kaul has Lopamudra’s name. The test tube which gets emptied successfully will be chosen and the names in those test tubes will be nominated for the captainship. This game brings too much of action into the Big Boss house. When the first alarm goes on, Manu runs toward Sahil and snatches his test tube and empties it. He takes advantage of the fact that Sahil is new to the house and is not acquainted with the house. When the second alarm goes off, Manveer empties Nitibha’s test tube. Nitibha feels sad because she had heard some contestants talking about her behind the couch.

In the middle of the night Big Boss starts and alarms and blames the contestants for not keeping the cycling task continued. Bani starts pedalling and starts blaming the other nominated contestants for this task. During the night she enters into a small fight with Rahul which continues till the sunrise. All the contestants of this task are tired in the morning and go to sleep.

The new captaincy tasks are sure to bring lots of entertainment and fights in the big boss house.



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