• November 30, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 25th November 2016 Update : PRIYANKA ADDING FUEL TO THE RELATIONSHIPS


The Big boss contest has taken a new turn since the entry of the new contestants through the wild card entry. The contestants wake up to the song “Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe” on the 29th November.  All the contestants run out of the house to see who won the Dome task- Priyanka Jaggu or Bani J. all the contestants are told to guess the winner. Priyanka secretly tells Manveer the result and the winner of the Dome task. Later on Bani is seen discussing about how much fun it would be if Mona and Priyanka fight. When Manu asks Om Swami about his opinion, Om Swami gives a diplomatic answer by saying that he loves everyone in the house equally. Manu insults Om Swami in front of Priyanka Jaggu and tells him that you treat Mona as your daughter and on the other hand fight and spread wrong things about her. Swami complains these things to Sahil Anand. Bani too feels secured about talking to Sahil about what Manu and Manveer are planning to do in the house. Swami feels left out in all this and tells Priyanka that Manu is trying to worse the things between herself and Bani J.

Big Boss then announces the winners of the previous task- Gaurav, Sahil, Priyanka and Nitibha. And it also orders the losers, Bani and Jason to go in the challenger’s room. Gaurav feels sad about Bani losing in the task and shows his concerns to her. On the other hand, Rohan is told to go to the confession room and he is told to make sure that Bani and Jason do not leave the challenger’s room in any case. Later on, Manu sees Swami keeping something in his pillow. When they look what he is hiding, they find out spoons in his pillow. Swami justifies his act by saying that he was keeping spoons to keep the evil and negative energy away from him. After this act of Swami, Manu and Manveer become too suspicious about Swami and directly check his bag. To everyone’s surprise Swami’s bag contains Lopa’s deodorant, and some more household things. Priyanka warns Swami that if he doesn’t stop doing it, no one will talk to him in the house. Om Swami breaks down due to the others calling him a robber. Mona, Manveer and Manu go and try to console him.

Later in the evening, Swami tells Priyanka that Manu and Manveer are responsible for creating so many problems in the big boss house. Mona listens to their conversation and gets angry on Swami. This leads to a horrible argument between Priyanka and Mona who are considered to be enemies since start. But Priyanka later on goes and talks with Mona to sort out the argument but Mona seems to be hardly caring about her. Rohan is then seen failing in his daily tasks. Sahil complains about the unclean toilets, delayed food and the blame goes on to Rohan. Big boss takes a sever action against this and calls Rohan the most careless and irresponsible captain. Big boss also decides to remove his captainship permanently. Manu and Manveer then start discussing about the next captaincy task because they want to be the captains.

It is clearly seen that entry of Priyanka is slowly weakening the friendship of Manu, Manveer and Mona. More entertainment is yet to come with the declaration of the new captaincy tasks.




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