• November 28, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 25th November 2016 Update : “No” to Swami Om


This episode of Bigg Boss kicked off with Bigg Boss asking Rohan to give out the names of four people who he thought didn’t perform well in the luxury budget task. Rohan after confabulating picked Om Swami, Lopamudra, Mona Lisa, and NitibhaKaul. This ticked Swami Om and he lashed out at Rohan, calling him “Prince of India” in a mocking way.

Bani was speaking with Rahul and Gaurav and stated that she saw Manveer and Mona Lisa getting intimate with each other last night. Then Bigg Boss gave a task to the four contestants who were nominated by Rohan. The task consisted of four cubicles for each of the nominees, Rohan was standing on the podium behind them. The four contestants had to act like puppets who were being controlled by Rohan. Rohan had the highest authority and whichever contestant he wanted to punish, he had to pull the rope.

Rohan first picked Om Swami to eat two slabs of butter. In the second punishment the contestant had to lie on a stretcher all the time. Rohan showed his vindictive side and picked Swami again. This made Swami angry and he started questioning his upbringing. Rahul and Gaurav then showed their upbringing by asking Swami to not talk about somebody’s family. Rohan, for the third punishment picked Nitibha to get inside a jail. With all this happening, Gaurav and Mona spoke about how Swami was abusing Rohan and how the housemates should boycott him.

Mona inquired and asked Gaurav that when Swami was yelling at her, why didn’t he say anything then, this made Gaurav apologise to her. Bigg Boss amidst all this commotion called Swami Om to the confession room and warned him to not abuse someone’s personal life inside the Bigg Boss house. But, even after all this, Swami continued being at his worst behaviour and got off the stretcher again and again.

Rahul seeing this, had had enough and dragged Swami back to the stretcher. Bani too lost her cool when Swami continued questioning Rohan’s upbringing. After this, Bigg Boss announced that the punishment had ended.

The next few episodes of the show are surely going to be filled with fights and a lot of verbal abuses. Be sure to check in.



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