• November 25, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 24th November 2016 Update : Rohan won the second chance to become the captain


In the episode of 23rd November, the contestants were given the gold mining task in which Rohan was the boss and the others were the workers of Rohan. In this task, the secret captains, Manu and Lopa who are the secret captains of the house are given the task of robbing all the diamonds kept in the locker of Rohan. When they try they fail in doing so and wake up Rohan from his sleep. After many attempts of robbing, Lopa finally goes to Rohan and talks sweet things with him to distract him. But Rohan had tied the vault to himself with a rope. After many tries, Lopa gets frustrated and goes to complain about Manu that he had not been participating actively in the task of robbing the vault. But after all this drama, Rohan succeeds in securing the vault for the entire night. On the next day, the contestants wake up to the song ‘Chaand ki Daal par Sone ka Mor’. In the morning, Lopa tells Manveer that the robbery was possible if Manu had helped her.


Later on in the kitchen, Bani orders Mona to clean the dishes, but her constant bossing irritates Mona and they both result into a fight. When Bani tells this to Rahul, Lopa listens that and taunts her to keep her teachings with her. Hearing this Bani tells her to speak directly to her and not behind her back. This results into an overall argument between all the contestants. Om Swami to contributes his wisdom to this argument and he tells Bani that she should not abuse any house members. In all this chaos, Gaurav tries to calm down Bani because she is the target of this fight. Om Swami then for a change complains about Bani to the others. Meanwhile on the other hand, Om also accuses Rahul of stealing the locker full of gold. Rahul gets angry and lashes back Om Swami for his stupid comments. Om Swami tells the others that he never apologises to anyone and hence, he will not say sorry to Rahul also.


At the end of the episode, Big Boss reveals Lopa and Manu’s secret task. They are alleged that they couldn’t even keep their task secret and winning the task was a very impossible thing for them. Manveer hears about Lopa and Manu’s talks of the secret task of robbing. Upset, Manu goes out and blames everything on Lopa and says that Lopa did not read the instructions carefully. After this task episode, Bani feels very left out because her housemates have judged her very wrongly. She sits on her bed covering herself with a blanket and break down. Seeing this Rahul calls her egoistic and touchy.


The coming episodes are going to continue under the leadership of Rohan and Rohan will punish some of the contestants.



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