• November 24, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 22nd November 2016 Update : Hostility Ensues Between Om Swami and Nitibha


After Sunny held the ‘Viral Video Task’ the nominations for this weekend have been announced. Bani’s team lost the challenge and all the contestants from her team now have to face the nominations. The episode of 23rd November started with the song playing in the big boss house “Sona Kitna Sona Hai”. In this episode, Manveer and Lopa are given the secret task of captaincy which is not known to the other members of the house. Big Boss then introduces a task called as the BB Gold mine Luxury Budget task’ wherein Rohan had become the owner of the mine and the other members had to find gold for him in the garden. The workers then had to collect the gold in a test tube and present it to Rohan who weighs it. If Rohan acts as a good businessman his captaincy will be continued. But no one in the house want that to happen so everyone is making plans not to co-operate with Rohan. While Manu and Manveer are making plans to ruin the task, Bani warns Rahul to be careful from them.

Big Boss has given Lopa and Manveer a task of gold robbery but Lopa becomes worried because she does not want to ruin her friendship with Rohan. In all this, Rohan gets a doubts on Lopa’s suspicious behaviour and does not let her dig in the garden. Nitibha fills the fact that Lopa might be the secret captain in the head of Rohan and Rohan asks her directly about that. But then Lopa does a drama by bringing Gaurav and Manu in the frame and somehow distracts Rohan’s thoughts. Om Swami on the other hand, while digging gold gets into a fight with Nitibha. Nitibha alleges him for touching Sunny inappropriately and also thanks Salman for bringing the real character of Om Swami who always disrespects the women. In all this, Nitibha also calls Om Swami ‘Badtameez’. This argument now gets doubled when Rohan and Gaurav come in the scene. Despite Rohan telling Om Swami to stops digging, he does not listen to him at all and continues digging.

Then Lopa and Manveer go to the secret room to talk about the secret mission of stealing. Lopa consistently keeps complaining that she is feeling bad for stealing the gold. When Lopa goes, Manveer complaints to the Big Boss that he cannot bear Lopa as a partner for the task because she is always keeping her friendship with Rohan before everything else. Manveer is of the view that Lopa is not the right person chosen for this task. Manu and Lopa then start their mission and enter into Rohan’s room where he is sleeping with the locked vault. But unfortunately Rohan wakes up when Lopa enters his room. She asks him for tea or coffee and leaves the room. This task will continue for the next episode as well.

More entertaining scenes of Gaurav and Om Swami are lined up in the upcoming Big Boss episodes.



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