• November 23, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 22nd November 2016 Update : Swami Om saga continues, this time with Sunny Leone


In the previous episode, Sunny Leone made the day special for all the contestants by giving some tasks to all the contestants for the weekly nominations for the evictions. Lopa totally rocked the stage when she was instructed to do a pole dance. Later on the task continued in the various sets like bathroom, kitchen etc. where the contestants tried their best to make the audience and Sunny Leone laugh. Lopa requests Bani to give her Sari for the act but Bani refuses to do that. After Gaurav’s request, Bani decides to lend it to Lopa. In this act, Rahul enacts Om Swami and makes sunny laugh too much. Manu and Mona’s fight in the kitchen however, does not entertain Sunny and she finds it too common. The contestants are then send to a bathroom in a bathtub with rose petals and lit with candles.

In this act, Om Swami enters into the bathtub with Lopa and Mona and they all pulling each other’s legs. Bani’s team then starts the act where Bani and Gaurav enter into the tub to enact an intimate scene of smooching. When Gaurav starts kissing Bani, she pushes him off. This act of Bani leaves everyone in surprise including Sunny.

After too many of acts and scenes and drama, sunny enters the Big Boss house to announce the results. Sunny selects Lopa’s team and the winning team because that team was more sarcastic and funny. Bani on the other hand was not able to act properly, says Sunny. Bani’s team ended up in the nomination of the weekend leaving everyone disappointed. Sunny then orders them to recreate the scene ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan Main nachungi’ from Sholay and entertain her again. In this task, Sunny plays Basanti, Manu plays Veeru, Swami plays Gabbar, Gaurav becomes Thakur and Manveer becomes Jai. After the entertaining session of these recreation of songs, Sunny leaves the house. But before leaving the Big Boss house she gives a piece of advice to all. She says that all the contestants must enjoy inside the house in spite of the fact that people are watching them on the television. After she is gone, everyone start blaming Swami for his behaviour in front of Sunny. He too accepts his fault.


The coming episodes of Big Boss are going to be fun because Lopa and Manu will be given the secret tasks of captaincy and there will be a lot of discussion over the viral video task in the end of the week.




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