• November 22, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 21st November 2016 Update : Sunny Leone Enters and There is a Birthday Party


The weekend ended with the elimination of Karan and Nitibha and everyone bid adieu to them. Everybody felt sad with the absence of Nitibha and Karan but still the game had to go on. The day of 21st November started off with the song ‘Sarkai Lo Khatiya’ and indicates the start of one more funny, entertaining day and a day full of arguments and controversies. While Bani is cooking breakfast for all the contestants, Om Swami doesn’t like the breakfast dish and tells Bani to cook something else for him for the breakfast. Gaurav attempts to solve the problem in between Bani and Om Swami but Bani gets angry on Gaurav too because she thinks that he is taking Om Swami’s side.

The real start of the episode takes place when suddenly, out of nowhere Sunny Leone enters the house and starts conversing with the contestants about the tasks that she has brought for all the contestants. The task that Sunny Leone carried out in the episode would decide the nominations for the weekend. Then she introduces the ‘Viral Video Fever’ task in which the contestants had to make a small video on the set provided by the Big Boss team which will be entertaining enough for the audience. The task would be performed in teams and the entire losing team who performed badly will be nominated for the eviction. They also had to entertain and make Sunny laugh. Sunny then goes into the secret room to see what the contestants present her with. Mona, Manu and Om get a honeymoon bed as a prop where they had to perform and the remaining gets a horse stable. They start acting in their provided props, speak dialogs, laugh etc. Big Boss also tells them not to worry because these videos will not be telecasted on the TV. Bani’s team wins the first task.


Then the next setup is the pole dance stage. On the pole dance area, Gaurav and Rahul dance at the pole like gay and make Sunny laugh. Nitibha tries to impress Sunny by singing songs. Sunny then forcefully sends Lopa to dance. Bani argues with Sunny about why she not sent her. Mona tells that Lopa has got a sexy body. Lopa grooves on the dance floor dancing on the Sunny Leone songs and flaunting her sexy body. She also tries to look hot by doing the tequila moves. Manu and Rahul do some flirting actions while checking out Lopa while she is dancing just for making the play more entertaining. Both the teams perform well in the task and end up in a tie.

Mona spends some time crying in the room while the others are waiting for Sunny’s result on the task. On the same day Mona has her birthday for which Manu had planned a surprise for her in the garden. Manu makes a Happy Birthday board using tissue papers and makes Mona happy. Everyone sings and wish Mona a happy birthday.



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