• November 21, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 19th November 2016 Update :Swami Om Cries, Another Member Leaves the House


The Weekend kaVaar episodes are always the most intense and alos the most fun. This week, it opened with Salman Khan showing a video of Swami Om, where he was pleading to Salman to not create a hostile environment for him by exposing his reality to the housemates. Salman addressed the fight that had strewn inside the Bigg Boss house the previous day.

Salman sternly spoketo Swami Om regarding his comments about Mona and told Swami that he has no right to cast a bad mark on anyone’s character. Salman also showed his anger at the other men in the house because nobody stood up for Mona when Swami was making allegations against her and her character.

The housemates were all asked to pick the the Khalnayak of the week, where Swami and Manveer received equal votes. Salman however is still miffed at Swami and scolds him for not being with his teammates during the luxury budget task. Swami Om facing all the criticism from all directions tried to play the victim’s card and started crying after putting his point across. However, Salman didn’t care for Swami’s defence and warned him not to make any condescending statements in the future.

While Salman was asking the men why they didn’t stand up for Mona, she also said that Rahul not supporting her saddened her. Salman then appreciated Lopamundra because of him taking a stand for what’s right. Salman then blamed the newly appointed captain, Rohan and said that he has zilch decision making abilities.

Mouni Roy was then seen entering the stage to promote “Tum Bin 2”. She spoke with Salman and told him that Swami Om came in her dreams last night and told her to do a Naagin dance with the greater actor, i.e., Salman Khan. Hearing this, Salman burst out in laughter, but then told Mouni that he will co-operate with her and asked what he would have to do. Mouni told him that he would have to pretend that he stole the Naagmani from her, and Salman made a joke regarding the recent demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes.

At last, Salman announces that Karan Mehra has been eliminated from the house. This leaves Rohan in tears as his best friend leaves the house.



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