• November 21, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 20th November 2016 Update :Say Hello to Alia Bhatt As She Enters the House


In the previous episode, Karan Mehra had to leave the house in the weekend ka Vaar elimination round and finally the house mates were expecting something good to happen in the Big Boss house. Then Alia Bhatt comes to the Big Boss house to do the promotion of the upcoming movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. All the house members welcome her with warmth and affection. She brings with her a lot of questions, games and long chats for all the contestants. When Salman Khan asks her about her favourite contestants, she tells that Manu is her favourite because he is very rare and raw and solid of all the contestants. She then plays a game where all the men had to speak some movie lines using the props. Here Manu does his job well and wins the task. As a gift alia Bhat sings the song ‘Ae Zindagi gale laga le’

Then Alia declares the Kabaddi match where Gaurav and Rohan fight against Manu and Manveer. Manu and Manveer win this game making Rohan very sad. Alia then tries to cheer Rohan and makes him not regret for losing the game. On the other hand Mona is continuously cheering her boyfriend Manu for winning the Kabaddi game. When the contestants are teary eyed, Alia Bhatt sings a song ‘Papa kehte hai bada naam karega’ to tell the contestants the importance of having and living with the family. After conducting all the activities and games, Alia Bhatt finally takes and exit. But before exiting she advises all the contestants to live happily under one roof and do not create any enmity with each other.

More fun starts when Alia Bhatt comes on the stage of Big Boss from the Big Boss house after meeting all the house mates. Salman Khan also pulls Alia Bhatt’s leg by asking her that why Shahrukh Khan didn’t come with her to the Bog boss house. Salman Khan then present her a big box which contains some funny things in it. And Alia had to sell that product successfully. The first prop comes up is Om Swami’s photo which she tries to sell by saying it kaccha but fails at it. In the next game, Salman khan gives Alia options between two actors and tells her to keep one and hide one. In this game she keeps Shahrukh Khan and hides Siddharth Malhotra.

The show then gets a call from the Appy Fizz caller and to ask Gaurav about the reasons why he takes Bani so granted. But the caller also praises Gaurav’s strong image in the Big Boss house. Previous episode also eliminated Nitibha. Everybody said good bye to her and started off with the rest of their days to bring too much entertainment to the audience.



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