• November 19, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 18th November 2016 – Rohan Mehra Turns Villain


In the last episode of Big Boss, Rohan Mehra replaced VJ Bani’s position of the captain. With great power comes great responsibility and now the coming episodes are going to show how is Rohan Mehra’s behaviour as a captain. On the first day of Rohan’s captaincy, big boss asks Rohan to punish two house members. These two punished members will be kept in the jail. They will have to take permission to use the jail washroom too from the captain. Rohan selects Manu and Manveer for giving the punishment but they too refuse to take it. Other house members too are not happy with this decision and oppose Rohan. Bani is of the view that Rohan is acting like a dictator and not a captain. During all this, Lopa and Rohan go into abusing each other. This arguments goes to such a level that Lopa smacks the glass tray kept in the kitchen on the floor and it shatters into pieces. Seeing Manveer refusing to take the punishment, Rohan asks him to do the daily chores but then he says that he is not in a mood to do them. This leaves Rohan helpless.

The day starts with the ironic song “Ek ho gaye hum aur tum”. Everyone wakes up. Lokesh starts a fight with Rohan when he tells hr to help others to make breakfast. Even though Rohan is Lokesh’s favourite, she is feeling very mistreated by him. Meanwhile, on the other hand Bani is seen giving the captainship lessons to Rohan. Later Big boss declares that everyone must respect the decision of the captain and follow his orders in the house. Hence, Manu and Manveer are compelled to go to the jail for their punishments and Gaurav is appointed as the jailer. In all this Mona is very silent. When Rohan tells Lokesh and Lopa to do their daily chores, they refuse to listen to him and instead prefer to go near the jail and talk with Manu and Manveer. Rohan then threatens them for punishment but they claim that they do not know the meaning of the word punishment and ignore Rohan. Lokesh frustrates and throws a tissues paper box at Rohan but Rohan catches it and throws it across the table. He even calls Lokesh badtameez. Rahul and Bani too are surprised of this behaviour of Lokesh.

Later the Big boss announces the task for the Garnier- man of the match series for which the ladies of the house have to rate the men of the house on the scale of 1-4. Gaurav and Rohan get the highest ratings of 2 and they have to go through the task to break the tie. Lopa is appointed as the judge in all this. The coming episodes are going to show how well Rohan controls the house. The weekend ka Waar will have two eliminations among Mona, Rahul, Karan, and Lokesh. Alia Bhatt and Mouni Roy will be visiting the house on the weekend.



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