• November 19, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 17th November 2016 – EPISODE: The New Captain Crowned Helps Build Up the Tension


In the 16th November episode, every house member finally slept on their beds in their night dresses luxuriously. The Luxury Lock Down task was finally over. On the day of 17th November, all the contestants wake up to the song ‘Aa Dekhe Jara’. The morning starts with a fight between Bani, Manveer and Manu. Bani tells Lokesh that even though Manu and Manveer call her their sister they do not co-operate with her and always fight with her. By telling this to Lokesh Bani triggers the fact that Manu and Manveer chose her over Mona. After this the Big Boss announces the captainship tournament in which the members of the winning team of the Luxury lock down task will be allowed to participate. In the previous episode Rohan Mehra’s team won the task. But out of all the members, the team captain Rohan had to decide which four contestants of his team will be competing for the captaincy. Rohan, Rahul, Lopa and Karan finally decide to play for the captaincy.

Hearing this Lokesh gets upset because she being in Rohan’s team is not allowed to participate for the captaincy due to her poor performance in the previous task. Om Swami while having a chat with Gaurav looks at Nitibha and starts commenting on her dress she is wearing. He says that Nitibha’s one piece is too short and the girls do not wear such short dresses. This is not the tradition. Gaurav calms him down and tells him that it is Nitibha’s choice. In the meanwhile, in the kitchen, Bani gets into a nasty argument with Gaurav due to his rude behaviour. Bani ends this conversation by abusing Gaurav which leaves him in shock. Manu, Manveer and Mona keep ignoring Om Swami till Om Swami finally apologises Mona. Mona forgive him for all the dirty comments he made on her character.
This time’s captaincy task was very funny which had to be supervised by Nitibha. The task was that Lopa and Karan had to balance a flower pot at the end of the see saw just by putting pressure on this end of the see saw and the see saw was should be in a straight line. Bani tried to distract Lopamudra but she won and Karan lost his first balance. The second task that was designed for Rohan and Rahul was fun too. In this task Rohan and Rahul had to choose two helpers who had to wrap a plastic paper around Rahul and Rohan from their shoulder till their knees and they had to run a race by crawling or jumping. Rohan chose Gaurav and Rahul chose Lopa as their helpers. Rohan wins this task and then there comes the final voting which will be between Lopa and Rohan for the captainship. Rohan gets the maximum votes and he is declared the captain of the big boss house.

Rohan now being the captain starts shuffling the household responsibilities of the contestants and their beds and other stuff. He shifts Lokesh’s bed due to which she yells at him. Rohan’s captaincy is going to bring too much of fun to the house it seems.



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