• November 17, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 15th November 2016 – EPISODE: Luxury Task Brings Out the Worst in Everyone


All the contestants of the Big Boss house are now beginning to blend themselves with each other under the garden place where they are currently living. In the previous episode Big Boss had introduced the Karela juice task for which Lopa and Gaurav are elected. This task is won by Lopa but her winning leads to many arguments between Mona and Rohan who were the captains of the task.

The episode of 16th November starts off with the song ‘Phatela Jeb’ which is the actual condition of all the contestants being their luxuries taken away. In the morning, everyone crave for their morning tea and coffee and other essentials and get all irritated. Om Swami questions Manu’s love for Mona and blames Mona for everything. He even points fingers at Mona’s character. Lopa, Rahul and Rohan stand up in the favour of Mona and oppose Om Swami. Later on Manveer is found sleeping and therefore, Bani tell him to do 20 push-ups as his punishment but he refuses to do this. This triggers a big argument among the contestants. The same thing happens when Om Swami is found sleeping. But he tells Bani that he was meditating and even he will not do the punishment like Manu and Manveer refused to do. But before Bani’s anger would erupt, this task comes to an end. Big Boss tells the contestants to take back all the luxuries they need.

The Big Boss team finally congratulates all the housemates for their up to the mark performance in this ‘Lock Down’ luxury budget task. Rohan who was the captain of one team is announced as the winner of the task. Big Boss tells the contestants to nominate two house members who contributed nothing to the task and deserve a punishment. The punishment will be that the person nominated will not get the luxury for one more day and will not be able to eat the delicious food sent to the house by the Big Boss house. Members nominate Nitibha and Om Swami who will now continue to suffer without the luxuries and good food for some more time.

The main reason behind Mona’s team losing was Om Swami because he did not co-operate with the other house members in this task. Mona is totally disappointed and is worried of her reputation in the audience due to the harsh and blunt remarks made by Om Swami on her. But the episode ends on a very good note where all the house members except Om Swami and Nitibha are relishing the delicious food by Big Boss. They seemed to be truly enjoying the luxuries after this big Lock Down task. Manu, Mona and Manveer too seem to be very happy being back in the house. Manu requests the audience that Mona has a good character and appeals them to keep voting for her. The next episode is going to bring a new task where Lopa will compete with Karan and Rahul with Rohan.



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