• November 16, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 15th November 2016 – EPISODE: House Luxury items Gone, A Fight Ensues


The Big Boss house is experiencing too much of drama since the yesterday’s unanimous nomination session took place in the house. There is a totally violent situation in the Big Boss House. In the episode of Tuesday, all the contestants get up to the song ‘Aap Ka Kya Hoga Janabeali’. When they get up, to their surprise, they find all the house hold item gone from the house and the house is all empty. Then the Big Boss clears their confusion and tells them that this action has been taken to cut down the luxury budget of the Big Boss house. The big boss also tells them that they will have to live without some basic utilities like food, clothes, shelter, etc. and have to win the given tasks to win at least the necessities.
To give the feel of the luxury strike, the big boss team takes away all their belongings and keep only the basic clothes and shoes in the living room. They are ordered to wear the jute dresses like nomads and live in the garden area till they win back their house. They are told to use the jail toilet for the rest of the day. The House members are also provided with a pot for cooking their food. For the upcoming task Mona and Rohan become the captains. Rahul, Lopa, Karan, Bani, and Lokesh join Rohan’s team while Gaurav, Manu, Manveer, Swami and Nitibha join Mon’s team. The task was very simple. When the gong bell rang, the captain along with one team member was allowed to pick four essentials from the container. Each container carried a point that was to be allotted to that team. The team having the greater pints on the score board was to be the losing team. While the members were ready to compromise on some items, Karan Nitibha and Om were not willing to compromise. The team of Mona tries to convince Om Swami not to get his clothes, but he refuses. Due to this Manu angrily say that if he doesn’t give up his clothes, he will remove the clothes that he is wearing. This makes the situation more complex.

In the end, Rohan’s team wins. Rohan and Lopa feel bad for Om Swami and give some food to Om Swami. On behalf of Om Swami, Nitibha asks water to the winning team. But Lopa taunts her by saying that Om Swami can ask for water himself. Afterward, when Om Swami wanted to visit the bathroom, Manveer ran before him and kept the toilet occupied. The next task introduce was that one from each team should finish the bowl of Rosgulla. Rahul and Manveer get elected for the task, but the task is discarded when the players start cheating. Mona then finds Karan using a pillow for sleeping and adds points to their team. The next task lined up was to drink the Karel juice. Lopa and Gaurav are elected for this task.

In the previous episodes, Karan too has been a wild guy especially when he fights and abuses Manveer. Angry of Karan, Manveer threw away his mike and both of them were summoned to the confession room. They both are warned and given a last chance to behave properly with each other.



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