• November 15, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 14th November 2016 – EPISODE: Grand Fight Between Swami and Housemates


The weekend Ka Waar episode brought too much of realities about the contestants. Salman Khan ordered Rahul, Gaurav, and Rohan to start participating in the competition actively and not only be mere spectators in the Big Boss house. Salman Khan revelations of Om Swami’s videos during the Parda Phaash was too a bit reason for a start of a big drama in the Big Boss house. The elimination of Navin made everyone sad, but they bid adieu to Navin on a happy note.

Coming back to the video recordings of Om Swami in the secret room that Salman Khan showed to all the participants, all the other contestants, especially Manu, Manveer, and Mona were totally shocked hearing what Om Swami viewed about them. His allegations on Mona and Manu’s love made both of them very furious. Om Swami had saved himself from the nominations by trying to convince the reality to Lopa and Manveer. Om Swami finally confesses that whatever he said in the secret room was said without the intention of hurting anyone’s feelings and he said those things only to add some fun to the game. And this is the every time method of Swami to convince others when the nominations are near.

In the episode of Monday, Bani tries to delegate all the household chores to the contestants. But nobody is happy by the division of work Bani has done. Every contestant is lazy for cleaning the house, washing the utensils, making food, etc. For the entire day, Bani tries her best to control all the situations in the house, but she gets too much of problems from the housemates. When Lokesh fails to make Bani’s breakfast, Bani gets frustrated. Due to this Lokesh feels guilty and apologises her. This gives a chance to Manu and Manveer to comment that Lokesh is heavily influenced by Bani.

Bani then approaches Gaurav to talk about Manu and Manveer and all the politics going in the house. She also discusses the strong points of the contenders and reasons why Manu and Manveer are not getting eliminated. For this week the contestants are told to unanimously nominate for the four contenders for the elimination. But in this process, Bani being the captain is not allowed to nominate. In this process, Rohan nominates Mona, Manveer, and Manu while Manveer names Gaurav, Karan, Rahul and Rohan for the elimination. In this, Om Swami first refuses to nominate anyone, but in his last minute nomination creates a fight between Manu and him. Om Swami says that Manu was trying to save his lover Mona. This comment further induces anger to Manu, and he ends up abusing Om Swami. In all this, Mona breaks down because no contestant takes her side in all this drama.

Bani being the captain feel that Lopa is supporting only the commoners of the house and not the celebrities. Hearing this Lopa reminds Bani that she is her sevak for the next 24 hours and also demands a back massage and food from Bani. On the other hand, Manu and Manveer try to tell Lopa not to support the celebrities.
The argument triggered between Manveer and Om Swami is going to be very entertaining in the coming weeks.



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