• November 13, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 12th November 2016 – EPISODE: Salman’s Weekend ka Vaar is Not To Be Missed


Yesterday’s episode was ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ where Salman Khan got a chance to lash out at the contestants who were not actively participating in the show and were making the Big Boss show boring with their non-participating attitude. Salman Khan told Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra, and Rohan Mehra that for a long period of time in the previous entire week they had been lazy and lethargic and have been sleeping in their beds for the whole day. He also tells them that “if you have left your homes and come to the Big Boss house to win, then you have to work hard and play the game and not be such a boring housemate”. Salman asked the reason of Rohan’s changed behaviour as he had been participating fairly in the starting episodes. Salman Khan also alerted the non-participating house members that people have been voting them by judging their characters in the TV serials. But they will stop voting you if the audience understand that you are a boring character in reality. Before your celebrity advantage goes, you must hit back with the entertainment and drama to get more votes.
In the last week, Bani, Om swami, and Manu had undergone the captaincy elections, in which Bani got the highest supporters and she became the captain of the Big Boss house. Since her first day of captaincy, the house has seen many clashes. The nomination plus tasks, the choosing of the winner and loser by the captain has disappointed the housemates. During yesterday’s episode, Salman Khan also gives compliments to Manveer and said “it is good to see your shaved face, now the audience will get to see your real face for at least some days”. Salman seems to be a little angry on Nitibha who did not give up make up to win the task. She confessed that she does not feel comfortable without make up. He then asks the other girls whether they would have given up their make up to save any of the house mates. He also compliments Lopa for looking good in her make-up which makes her blush
Later in the episode Salman shows the video of Karan talking on the telephone task when he misinterpreted everything about Lokesh on the phone. Karan apologises and tells that he will feel very guilty if Lokesh gets eliminated because of his stupid misunderstandings on the call. As we saw Manu’s irritation for going into the jail for the unclean toilet, Salman ordered him to be in the jail for breaking the rule. In the coming episode, the former housemates of Big Boss- Tanisha and VJ Andy will be talking with Bani for her wrong decision of jailing Manu. Everyone in the house and even Salman Khan feels that Manu should not be jailed because he has been preforming well in the house.
In the coming episodes, there will be a wrestling competition held between Gaurav and Manveer and Lopa and Bani. The results of this competition are sure to bring some more clashes and twists to Big Boss.



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