• November 13, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 11th November 2016 – EPISODE: Bani, the Captain and Jailed Inmates


Bani is being elected as the first captain of the Big Boss House. She is given her separate bed. And not only that but she has been given the power to assign separate bed for the contestants she wishes. Bani has many responsibilities to run the house properly and punish those who are not behaving properly by sending them to the jail. Bani is trying her best to give the fair decisions regarding every housemate.
Yesterday’s episode started with contestants waking up to the song ‘Teri Galiyaan’. In the early morning, the famous playback singer Ankit Tiwari gives them a surprise visit. Soon after that the team of Tum Bin 2- Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal and Ashmin Gulati too visit the Big Boss house for the promotion of the movie. Neha Sharma then gives Lopa, Mona and Lokesh where they had to choose a male partner and dance with him. Lopa chooses Gaurav, Mona picks Manveer and then Lokesh dances with Aditya Seal and everyone start showing their moves on the romantic song from their film. Om Swami had hurt Mona and Manu during the Parda Phaash task. In yesterday’s episode, he feels so guilty that he apologizes Manu by touching his feet and asking him to forgive him. However, Manveer feels sick about this two-sided behaviour of Swamiji. Gaurav, Karan, Bani, Rohan too feel surprised by this behaviour of Om Swami.
Bani gives Rohan, Karan, Gaurav and Rahul preference while allotting beds to them. She gives them beds next to her. However, due to this, Manveer and Navin get annoyed and feel that Bani is doing injustice with them. After that, Lokesh purposely goes to the washroom where he disturbs Manu mopping the floor. This leads to an argument between Mona, Manu, and Lokesh. Lokesh disturbs Manu again when he is cleaning the swimming pool. Manveer then tells this to Bani and tells her to punish Lokesh for her behaviour. Later in the episode, Bani is asked to give the ‘Inam’ and ‘Dand’ to the contestants. The won person will get a chance to go to a dinner with Bani, and the punished one will have to wash the dirty dishes. Bani then decides to punish Lokesh and Manveer and gives the prize to Manu. Hearing her decision, Lopa gets frustrated and say to Bani ‘I hate you’. Rahul too feels that Bani has taken a wrong decision and she would have given the prize to someone among them.

Later she had to choose contestants to put into the jail. She chooses Om Swami and Manu. Manu feels a bit disappointed as he thought that a dinner with Bani would make him safe from going to the jail. Om Swami doesn’t mind going to the jail. However, Manu comes out of the jail for having the dirtiest bathroom there. In tomorrow’s episode, there will be a ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ where Salman Khan will be telling Karan Rahul and Rohan that their presence in the house is boring and contributing to no entertainment.



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