• November 11, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 11th November 2016 – EPISODE: Bani new Captain Crowned. Where Will This Lead?


All the members now stand in equality with no division of celebrities and Indiawales. Plus, the show is now giving a surprise through the next task of choosing a house captain. The Big Boss house is encountering the captain elections for the first time, and everybody seemed tensed as well as excited. For the first captaincy of the house, Bani, Manu, and Om Swami are the nominations. They are sent to the confession room from where they will appeal to the housemates to vote for them. But Manveer while talking to Mona Lisa expresses his sadness because he could not make it to the confession room and how desperately he wanted to be the captain of the house.

In yesterday’s episode, the day started with one more clash between Swami Om and Mona and Manu. Their relations have been surely ruined after Swami Om revealed the truth about both of them in the Parda Phaash task where they were alleged of fake love. With the ‘Tum toh ho Dhokebaaz’ song in the background, Mona and Manu show some intimate drama and action in front of Swami Om purposely, and they succeed in irritating Om Swami and make him walk off away. The return of Swami Om has brought too much of complications in the house. His allegations on Manu’s love for Mona is going to be the most dangerous hurdle in the House. Gaurav Chopra too is no better in regards with Om Swami. But now at least the cancellation of the celebrity-commoner difference is bringing equality and contentment regarding taking care of the house. In the later part of the episode, Gaurav shares a piece of chocolate with Mona which touches her heart. However, Manu doubts and questions her. But when she tells him the entire incident, he feels relieved.

The captaincy elections have stated the rule that the captain will get the authority to put any housemate in the jail for misbehaving or breaking the house rules. Om Swami takes advantage of the situation and tells that he wants Manu in the jail. However, he faces ignorance from the others. Bani tries to convince Lokesh to join her Party. But Lokesh is too loyal to Om Swami and tells her that she would think of her proposal. Bani also tries to improve her relations with Lopamudra with whom she had some issues previously. Nitibha disappoints Manu by joining Bani’s party. And the politics keep popping up between Om Swami and his grudges against Manu and Mona. But after a lot of politics, blaming and promising each other to get support, Bani wins the elections with the maximum supporters and becomes the first Captain of the house.

Things become more interesting when she is asked about who will be going to jail. She tells Lopa and Manveer who argue with her on the fact that she is vindictive and is doing this because of her personal grudges. Now with a captain, will the Big Boss house become more disciplined or end up into a bigger mess?





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