• November 10, 2016

Bigg Boss 10, 9th November 2016 update: Om Swami Returns to Bigg Boss, Swami assigned “Pardafaash” Task


The November 9 episode of Bigg Boss was full of twists and turns. It all started when at 03:30 AM an alarm woke the contestants up. Bigg Boss announced that from now on, there will no no maaliks and sevaks, and everyone will be equal. This decision only came to life when Bigg Boss burned the Rulebook. The reaction of Nitibha was positive, as she told Bani that she was really happy with this decision.

Next morning, everyone wakes up and Swami is seen dancing in his secret room. Manveer and Mona talk about Lokesh and say that she will also become like Swami, segregated from the team members. Bigg Boss tells Swami Om that he will return to the Bigg Boss house today, but he will have to wait for the decision of the housemates.

Nitibha announces the luxury budget. She tells everyone that they need to write their demands on the board that is given by Bigg Boss. Swami Om was also given as one of the choices in the luxury budget but everyone refuses to use the luxury budget to get him inside the house.Manveer, Manu, and Navinare very hostile towards Swami Om, where they say that they will never let him enter the house again. As this happens, Bigg Boss tells Swami Om to enter the house once again. Swami returns to the house and lies that he didn’t see any of the episodes while he was out.

Swami further lied and said that he requested Bigg Boss that he needed to go out and do some personal work. He tells everyone that Bigg Boss is all the rae outside and it is topping every charts. He said that he returned only because he was missing everyone. To top it off, he claims that he will win the season. However, everyone in the house gets to know that Swami was staying in a secret room. This is further fuelled by Bigg boss giving him a task to disclose the secrets of the housemates. Swami asks Mona to stop hooking up with Manu as she is getting married in a year. Then he says that Manu is playing a game with Mona and it’s a dirty game. Gaurav gets irritated by the allegations of Swami and says that he can’t pass sexist comments.

Manu says that everyone should boycott Swami Om and never speak with him. Hearing this, Lokesh gets in a fight with Manveer and Manu. Manveer asks her that what is wrong with her and why is she not talking to them, to which Lokesh replies that Manu has asked her not to talk to him. Manveer calls her ‘beta’, hearing this Lokesh warns Manveer to not call her that. Due to the lack of beds, Lokesh is asked to share a bed with Swami, however, Bani warns him not to do so.

The further episodes of Bigg Boss are surely going to be entertaining. The episodes are surely going to bring many gaps and problems between all the house mates because Big Boss has announced the first captain election of the house and the nominees are: Om Swami, Manu, and Bani.With the dancing Swami back, how can the episodes be boring?



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