Bigg Boss Season 10 08th November 2016 – EPISODE: A Roller-Coaster of Laughter and Tears


In the latest episode of Big Boss, Bani, Gaurav, Mona, Nitibha and Rohan are relieved from the clutches of elimination round. The next day all the contestants get up dancing to the song ‘Telephone dhun mein hasne wali’ and pull their socks for the next nomination task. While Mona is dancing, Om Swami in his secret room tries to imitate her moves. On the other hand, Gaurav and Bani get into a deep conversation about Gaurav’s marriage and his dream wife that he and his family members are expecting from him, hearing which Bani bursts into a continuous laughter. In the next nomination task, Manu picks up the phone, and Big Boss orders her to convince Manveer to shave his beard and somehow after a big dilemma completes her task.


On the next day, to everyone’s surprise, Manu nominates Manveer to sit beside her on the throne. To save himself, Manveer gets the task to convince Rohan to dress up like a girl. Manveer keeps his decision pending till he sees the entire attire of Gaurav. The next one to get the task is Karan who is asked to convince Lokesh to nominate herself and then give up the chance to be secured from the nominations. In this task, Lokesh takes a wrong decision in a hurry and leaves everyone in confusion and awe. Later in the episode, Navin get the task to convince Nitibha to stop making herself up for the remaining season of Big Boss. Navin ensures that even if she gives up her make- up, he will convince Bani and Lopa to share their make-up with her. However, Bani presents a totally wrong version of the entire story and spreads the humour that Navin is ready to steal hers and Lopa’s make up for Nitibha. This leads to a big argument between Bani and Navin.


In the other part of the house, Bani and Gaurav are chit chatting where Gaurav advises Bani to open up with the other housemates. Hearing his friendly and emotional talks, Bani breaks down, and she tells her view that she likes to be by herself in the situation of crisis and she will never open out with the other housemates. With the constant convincing task, Manveer, Rahul, Lokesh, and Navin get nominated for this week elimination round.


A few days earlier all the contestants entered this show and were divided into the celebrities and the Indiawale (commoners). They were further divided into the sevaks and maliks. The maliks had the right to order the sevaks to do whatever work they told them to do. And the sevaks were expected to complete all the work given by their maliks then may it be cooking, cleaning the house, cleaning the rooms, etc. However, at the end of this episode, Salman Khan gave a news that the division of the celebrities and the commoners have been removed. Now everyone will have to share the household work. All the contestants will be only housemates from now on. The coming episodes will show who will take the responsibility to look after the house neatly.



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