Bigg Boss Season 10 07th November 2016 – New Friends dance while Om Swami Sings


When all the contestants were expecting the eviction of Om Swami, he was sent to the secret room to everyone’s surprise. Om Swami had been the funniest and the entertaining man in the Big Boss House, and he has also been showing his nasty side of the personality even being in the secret room. When he saw Mona and Lokesh doing some fun together, giggling and dancing, he joked about Mona’s age and her behaviour. In the Sunday’s episode, Salman Khan presented the Immunity Medallion to the contestant who was expected to bring too much of twists in the show. This is the story so far in Big Boss.
Now talking about the Immunity Medallion, Salman Khan introduced a simple immunity task wherein every contestant had to bid a particular amount of money. The contestant who will bid the highest amount of money will take away the Immunity Medallion. But the task winner’s money bided will be deducted from the show’s prize money. Rohan, Rahul, Navin and Nitibha gave a cut throat competition to each other in the bidding task. However, Nitibha wins the task by bidding the highest amount than others. After the task, every contestant was trying to find out the meaning behind the Immunity Task. Everybody was clueless and unaware of what surprises this task was going to bring in the show. Manu was disappointed because he lost the task. While Lopamudra found the task very random. However, Navin was happy because a contestant from his team ‘Indiawale’ won the task.
Later on, Bani and Lokesh were spending time together in the garden. Bani was teaching Lokesh how to become fit. She had probably taken Salman Khan’s words too seriously. Om Swami who does his exercise rituals everyday was doing some yoga moves in the secret room. He was also singings song which according to him were very innocent, truthful, and honest and that humming will win the hearts of the contestant once he comes out of the secret room. Om Swami was presented in the court under a theft matter. Thus, he is likely to get out of the show. But instead, the show makers must have decided to give him one more chance and send him to the secret room for some days. There was too much of emotional drama going on in the Big Boss house. Bani and Mona become too much emotional while talking with each other about personal matters and also while talking with their families.

Then comes a new task ‘the phone booth task’ where the person who receives the call first will be given a place on the throne in the garden area. However, the selected contestant has to complete the task given by Big Boss. Bani wins the task, and she is asked to bleach Gaurav’s eyebrows. Gaurav refuses but then the emotional dialog of Bani ‘Koi Dost Nahi Hain Is Ghar Mein Mera” made Gaurav accept the task. Rohan is asked to convince Karan to tear up his wife’s photograph. And then, Gaurav asks Bani to dip her jacket (which was gifted to her by Gauhar Khan) in the bucket of paint and destroy it.

Due to this task, some contestants end up breaking while some enter into arguments with the other housemates. In this argument, the issue of Rohan stabbing Bani in the previous week comes up again, and the blame game of each other continues. At the end of the episode, Manveer is found chatting with Mona where he tells her that at the moment he is the strongest contestant in the game.
The coming episodes are going to test everyone’s friendship with their fellow housemates.



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