Bigg Boss 10, 6th November 2016 Update


The 6th November episode of Bigg Boss brought with it a lot of laughs and a lot of anger as well. This anger might have been due to some things said, but all in all, the feeling conveyed was that of happiness. Salman Khan was back with this Weekend ka Vaar, and now, is no everyone excited for this?

Salman opened the show by dancing to his hit song “Character Dheela Hai” with many dancers dressed up as Swami Om. He introduced the immunity medallion to the home audience, however, left it up to Bigg Boss to give relevant information about the same to the inmates of the house.

Farhan Akhtar, who is on a roll with his “Rock On 2” promotion, told Swami Om that the audience was the big fan of his head banging, which made Swami Om headbang in no time. What else? He was head banging while playing broom-guitar. Shraddha Kapoor named Nitibha Kaul as the singing protégé of the house and started singing along with her; creating a beautiful symphonic experience. Finally, Farhan introduced Lokesh as the in-house rapper, Lokesh took to the podium and rapped about the personality traits of the other housemates.

However, it was not all fun and games. As soon as the cast of “Rock On 2” stepped out of the house, all the celebrities were upset with Bani because she had tagged her teammate, Lopamudra, a villain. Gaurav was seemingly upset with Mona, a heated argument ensued, which led Mona to label him “Kaminey” and she was seen in tears.

All the tears quickly turned into entertainment as soon as Farhan and Shraddha reached the stage where Salman was. They were asked to pick the most entertaining contestant, to which both unanimously picked Swami Om. Salman started laughing maniacally and started tickling Shraddha while she sang, “Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu.”

Arjun Rampal and Farhan wore the cape of “Crime Master Gogo,” a character played by Shraddha’s father, Shakti Kapoor, and start saying dialogues in Gogo’s voice. To turn the mood even funnier, Shraddha started mimicking the character as well.

After the Rock On team leaves, Salman shows some unseen moments from the previous week to the home audience. In one such instance, Swami Om claims that it is because of his help that Karisma Kapoor, Hema Malini, and Rekha became successful Bollywood actors. Salman started laughing again at the obliviousness of Swami Om.

Salman next started playing a game of “Truth or False” with the contestants like last week. This time, however, the punishments were tougher. If the contestant lied, they were to be pushed into a pool of mud. Rohan and Manveer went on first, followed by Karan and Manoj. Manveer lied the most and was thrown in the dirt.

All fun and games ended when it was time to see who was evicted from the house. Salman without playing any games, calls out Swami’s name and says that he had received the lowest votes. However, Swami is taken to a secret room where he is to see the in-and-outs of the house. Manveer, Manu, and Naveen show their two-faced character, as once Swami Om was leaving the house, they started crying. However, as soon as he left, they started questioning and making fun of his strange antics.

After such an entertaining and action-packed Weekend Ka Vaar, the next few weeks of Bigg Boss 10 are deemed to be a must-watch.




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